Beyond  Metrology

Beyond Metrology, a new era in Calibration



Why Us?


Quality and operating standards are revised in accordance with technological advancement. We at Beyond Metrology invite you to join us in turning challenge into opportunity


Big data analysis by an advanced AI system allows for precise, data based predictions


Highly detailed data from calibration reports is made available online to all Beyond Metrology's partners


All users, clients, calibration labs, production plants, etc. Cooperate in elevating the use of calibration tools to a new level of efficiency


The calibration industry

As is the case with many fields in our tech driven world, calibration is also undergoing a major change. Revisions made to operating and quality standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 17025, GMP & GLP, ILAC G8 create challenges which demand adaptation and a brand-new approach.
Along with our business partners, Beyond Metrology is facilitating an exciting transition to a futuristic method of operation in the field of calibration.
Through exploitation of a powerful AI platform fed with big data, detailed reports are made available online to all Beyond Metrology business partners.