What is Metrology?

The word "metrology" derives from a combination of two Greek words, "metron" meaning "measurement" and "logos" meaning "science of" or "study of". Therefore, metrology is the science of measurement.
It is impossible to say when mankind began to develop metrology. We know that the ancient Egyptians used standards of measurement and regularly calibrated tools and equipment used for building and manufacturing.

The metrology equipment and work processes we use today date back to the industrial revolution (middle of 18th century to middle of 19th century). This is because before mass production it was not so important to be able to manufacture parts which share the exact same measurements. The roots of modern metrology are found with gun makers who wanted to make interchangeable parts in order to allow their country's armed forces to make better use of arms and ammunition (for instance, better metrology allows for using parts from two non-operational guns in assembling a fully operational one).

Today metrology is vital in many fields. In fact, it has a part to play in manufacturing the vast majority of things we take for granted. 
It is customary to distinguish between three types of Metrology:

  • Scientific metrology, also known as "fundamental metrology", which has to do with establishing units and quantity systems which can then be used for a wide range of applications.

  • Industrial metrology, also known as "applied metrology", involves using measuring and calibration tools during production and QA processes. This type of metrology also includes the periodical need to send measuring and calibration tools to a calibration lab.

  • Legal metrology is the type of metrology used for regulatory purposes regarding measurement and measurement tools and systems.

We live in a world where technological advancement is extremely fast. Metrology, a highly technical field, is evolving. The "Make the Calibration world Better" initiative is designed to elevate modern industrial metrology to a new plane of efficiency and precision.